Being A Woman SUCKS…sometimes

Okay, this is just a brief rant on womanhood.  Let me preface this post by saying that I LOVE being a woman.  I love how we can wear dresses and make-up one day and wear jeans, Timberlands and a fitted cap the next.  The  versatility of  womanhood is AMAZEBALLS, but sometimes…..being a woman sucks.  This is not for the obvious reason of it being “that time of the month”, but for another semi-obvious reason….BODY IMAGE.

So, the day before yesterday, I had a text conversation with one of my friends about how I really need to start hitting the gym harder than I have been because I have several vacations coming up and I have to get this body together.  She then begins to lament about things that she would like to change about her body.  Now, she’s about a size 4, and I’m about…NOT, so I’m like “You look GREAT, what are you talking about???”  We then get to trading our opinions on what parts of each other we would like to take for ourselves, and vice versa.  This leads me to my point…

No matter how big or small a woman is, we always find a flaw somewhere.

I am making a vow to myself from today going forward.  Feel free to join me in this fight (Insert power to the people fist).

“I, ________________ resign to love myself no matter what.  If there is a part of me that I am capable of changing, I will work hard to change it.  If it is something I cannot change, I will love myself regardless.  I cannot allow myself to sink into the bottomless pit of self doubt.  I am AMAZING JUST THE WAY I AM (Bruno Mars voice).”

I know it’s a bit long-winded and dramatic, but that’s me, in a nutshell.  I’m just making a promise to love ME no matter what, because I cannot allow this self-doubt to rub off on my munchkin. How I feel about me, will teach her how to feel about herself and I want her to see herself for the wonderful, smart, funny, talented, beautiful person she is.

Stepping off of my soapbox now…that’s just my opinion on why Being a Woman SUCKS…sometimes!


You Can’t Win!!!

As I mentioned before, I am the mother of an extremely bright toddler. In the past year and a half of her being able to formulate sentences, I have learned that when verbally sparring with her, YOU CAN’T WIN!!!  I mentioned to my sisters that I have many times where I have “I don’t know what to do here” moments.  When I see someone else falling into her “trap”, I try my best to warn them against it, but they continue on at their own peril.

Case in point, my husband… On a Sunday drive out of the city, this is the conversation that takes place:

Munchkin: Daddy, can we drive back home?  I forgot my umbrella.  I need it to cover your car so the birds don’t make stinky on it.

Me: *shaking my head mouthing the words, don’t do it*

Hubster: We don’t need to go back home, your umbrella is on the floor by your car seat, and I can’t help the birds making stinky on the car.

Munchkin: Yes, you can help it Daddy.  You have to WASH your car.  If you wash your car, the birds stinky won’t be on on it.

Hubster: *shakes his head laughing*

Me: I told you don’t do it.

This is just a tiny glimpse into my life with my munchkin.  Her arguments are so simple, yet they make perfect sense, and it’s something totally unexpected.  I love that about her.  I love seeing how her mind works and knowing that she is growing into an unbelievably smart little person.

Getting My Get Right…

In my effort to be healthier, I’ve been reading blogs, websites and following people =on Instagram who are into health and fitness in order to get some tips and tricks on what I can do to immediately begin improving my health. Besides all of the workouts, diets, etc. there is one thing that is a common thread…DRINK WATER!!!


This is my 32 oz. water bottle that I use in my office to attempt to put a dent in this 64-128 oz. daily water requirement.  (don’t mind the work stuff in the back)  Normally, I can get down the 64 ounces, but this gallon requirement is a BEAST!!!  In my readings, I have also learned that fruit infused waters help tremendously with this.  Starting Monday, I began placing lemon slices in my water bottle in the morning and I can get at least 3 refills with the slices throughout the day.  This has been a lifesaver, and it’s pretty too.  I also add ice and use this during my workouts and I am absolutely a fan.  I will never drink “plain” water again.

I’m Here!!!

So, I’ve been inspired to start a blog by my Sissy Mo over at Wiping Butts and Taking Names.  I read her blog about pure randomness, and I am moved to do the same.  I have so many thoughts going on in my head, and I just need them to GET OUT!!!  LOL.   This is going to be my therapy without the huge bill at the end of the month… (Been there, done that, and my wallet still cringes at the thought)  So, here is my little introduction into the blogosphere. (I think I made that up, if not, eh whatevs)

Anywho, here’s a little bit about me. My name is Kay, I am a wife and the mother of the most amazing genius of a toddler, you ever did meet.   She is my sunshine and I really don’t know what I was doing with my life before she arrived.  I am a sister, who has been blessed with the most AMAZING sisters on earth.  No really, they’re great. I know you’re jealous. You really should be. ;).  My favorite things are playing with my munchkin (because she’s so awesome), reading, and incorporating rap lyrics/movie quotes into my everyday conversations.

Y’all come back now ya’hear!!!